Ganesha LMS by ANEMA  v.2

Ganesha is a Learning Management System (LMS) software.

MacEwan LMS Tools  v.0.1

LMS Tools is a set of tools and libraries for administrators and users of learning management systems to perform, for example, portal integration, LMS management or usage data analysis.


PfP Learning Management System (PfP LMS)  v.1.0

PfP LMS powered by Ilias (http://pfp.

PG Scorm e LMS Pro  v.2008

If you wish to effectively expand your college, institute, university by implementing e-learning or launch complex of remote education business, PG eLMS Pro is a way to go.

Answers - SCORM Compliant LMS  v.0.2

Answers from Results International (www.

A-LMS Learning Management System  v.2.3.009

Open Source Learning Management System implemented in Java.

ISpring Presenter  v.5.7

iSpring Presenter is an advanced Flash e-Learning Authoring software for PowerPoint. With iSpring Presenter you can add interactive Flash-based quizzes and records and publish them easily to SCORM/AICC Learning Management System (LMS).

Simple SCORM Packager (SSP)  v.1 2

The Simple SCORM Packager (SSP) creates your metadata and manifest files. Then, it zips these files with your course content. The resulting package can then be loaded into your Learning Management System (LMS) and students can take the course.

Wildform WildPresenter Pro

Easily create outstanding Flash and video presentations, convert PowerPoint to Flash, author demos, tutorials and simulations and generate LMS compliant quizzes. WildPresenter Pro lets you create advanced Flash multimedia projects without any programming!

Wildform Quiz Creator

Easily generate LMS compliant, customized Flash quizzes, tests, assessments and surveys in minutes and without the need for any programming.


WordForce is an easy way to put your MS Word documents online. Create Flash, Video, Mp3, and Real, QuickTime, Windows Media files or MS Word files and add them to web content; import any kind of files to your LMS using SCORM. With this tool you can:

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